D3 Super Wood Glue is a TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certified, water based transparent PVAc. glue which is used for lam ination of wood materials, MDF, chipboard, veneer with in cold and warm press machines or manual clamp applications. It is resistant against water and moisture, generates astrong and transparent film layer. 

FEATURES                                                                                                              Low / mid viscosity                                                                                                  Gets transparent after cured.                                                                            D3 according to DIN EN 204.                                                                     Strong bonding even in hard, moist wood.                                    Resistant to moisture and temperature.                                           Contain special protectans against bacterial spoilage and mold. 


Bonding of static joineries of wooden furnitures.In automatic fingerjointing machines. Used for solid wood lamination.Wooden door production. Case, panel and jamb production.In furniture construction and many other wood bonding applications. Lamination of MDF, chipboard, wood materials and veneer