Apel Silicone Sealant is a bonding, sealing and filling chemical with a %100 silicone content. It has a wide range of area of use. It can be polished, cleaned after cured. It creates a strong bonding to glass, joineries, metal, tiles, parquet, PVC and general construction materials and so on. It provides water, wind and dust insulation.
%100 Silicone
Long elongation.
High elasticity.
Contains protectives against mold and
bacterial spoilage.
Acetoxy curing.
Strong bonding even on smooth and shinysurfaces.
Not recommended on bonding mirrors on
surfaces. Can be corrosive on some cases.
Use Apel MS700 Mirror Silicone.
Tixotropic material. No flow on vertical surfaces.
Can’t be painted over.
Black, White and Transparent color choices.
Can be used in glass fixing.Ultimate chemical for tile bordering and filling material on constructional gaps. On sink borders, shower cabinets and water closets as a water insulation material.
As a water and wind insulation material around all kinds of joineries.