This adhesive is a single component, ready-to use, general purpose, solvent based elastomeric contact adhesive The foremost feature of this adhesive is that it is non-flammable, so that it can be used it beddings and bed foam bonding. It is applicable with glue gun. Due to its viscosity, you can use glueguns with 1,5 – 1,8 mm diameter nozzles. It is applied directly to the surfaces to be bonded and the pieces brought together for bonding.
Solvent based, elastomeric
Red and natural in color
 ~ 150 g/m² consumption
Rapid curing
High initial tack
This adhesive can be used for bonding bedding foam, jute blankets, mattresses, bed, sofa and armchair fabrics, MDF, wood, metal etc. It can be applied both double sided or single sided and it also has a perfect initial tack.